Preparation to the participation of 2020 Olympic Games in is discussed

National Institute of Sports and Tourism hosted the session of extended Organization Committee for preparation of the country’s national team to the participation in XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Heads of different ministries and departments, public organizations, lecturers and students of National Institute of Sports and Tourism, mass media took part in the session. The agenda include the subjects of expansion of international sport cooperation, participation of National team in 2020 Olympic Games and organization of training and other.

The Head of the State highlighted during the inspection of the conditions made for training of Turkmen sportsmen to the Olympics on March 3 that it is necessary to carry out the work for provision of all conditions for trainings using all capabilities of the Olympic village of the capital and multifunctional sport complex in Avaza National tourist zone.

It was mentioned at the current session that all conditions for organization of different sport competitions including the Olympic have been made in the country. the capital and velayats have sport complexes multifunctional stadiums provided with modern sport equipment meeting the highest international standards as well as specialized sport schools.

Speaking of the training of Turkmenistan national team to the Olympics in Tokyo, the participants have informed that the Olympic village of the capital and the sport complex of Avaza National tourist zone have all capabilities for training. Works for construction of the building of the Olympic Sport department of National Institute of Sports and Tourism are carried out at high rates.

Professional coaches for judo, boxing, wrestling and weightlifting rom Georgia, Ukraine, Russian Federation have been invited for preparation to 2020 Olympics.

According to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs is permitted to organize the training of national teams in Olympic sports in the Olympic village of Ashgabat. The sportsmen will be provided with accommodation, necessary qualitative and safe meal, medicines and medical services next to the training place under the preparation to Tokyo 2020 Games.

Speaking of the aspects of work made under international sport cooperation, the participants of the session highlighted that preparation to organization of number of world tournaments is carried out in the country while Turkmen sportsmen get the experience and win medals at prestige tournaments abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stays in permanent contacts with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the World Health Organization, International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia and other competent organizations.

The Agreement between the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and city administration of Japanese Tendo on opening of training centre for sportsmen of Turkmenistan National team has been achieved for training of our athletes to 2020 Olympics. Participation of national specialists and coaches in international conferences and seminars is also planned.

It was highlighted in the speeches that it is planned to establish special Joint Work Group with participation of profile ministries and departments for financing of expenses related to training of Turkmen sportsmen for the participation in the Olympic Games and other international competitions according to the Resolution of the President.

It was mentioned that administration of Ashgabat together with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs made necessary conditions for training of our sportsmen. At the moment, active training is carried out in such sports as boxing, judo, weightlifting and field and track athletics, free and Greco - Roman wrestling, swimming. City administration also plans to establish specialized sport bases in the Olympic village.

The Ministry of Textile Industry, relative facilities of the country and Ashgabat Fashion House prepared different samples of sport wear for athletes, coaches and technical personnel. Each sportsman will have two different uniforms – one for participation in opening and closing ceremonies and another for the competitions.

It was informed that at present time, the Ministry of Tarde and Foreign Economic Affairs as well as the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs work on the provision of sport nutrition to the sportsmen, which is necessary for improvement of the efficiency of the training process. For these purpose, the world practice is analysed taking into account scientific methods.

The list of 30 international competitions, where participation of Turkmen sportsmen is planned, has been made to receive the right to participate in 2020 Olympics. It was also informed that sportsmen would attend more than 20 training camps in foreign countries.

The sportsmen expressed the gratitude to Turkmen leader for support of the athletes, development of the Olympic sports in the country and assured that they would put all efforts to enhance sport authority of the country.