The State Museum of the State Cultural Center is currently hosting an exhibition to commemorate the 29th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. Among those attending its opening ceremony were eminent historians, museum professionals, and art experts. The speeches they gave served as a retrospective prologue to the exposition.

The celebratory exhibition is split into three parts. Its first section provides a window into important events in our country’s history. The focal point is a painting featuring flags of the Turkmen states throughout centuries-old history with the emerald-green State Flag of independent, neutral Turkmenistan right in the center.

Presented in the exhibition’s next section are books by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. They give a scientifically-grounded analysis of major events and the country’s achievements in the post-independence period and offer detailed insights into the Turkmen nation’s historical-cultural heritage and spiritual values. On display is a diverse array of photographs that vividly illustrate key chapters of the extensive narration, dedicated to Independence Day.

The third section showcases artworks, carpets, jewelry, as well as souvenirs made of noble metals and encrusted with gems from a collection of the Museum of the President of Turkmenistan. The artfully crafted exhibits are the quintessence of the development of Turkmen culture and a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.