President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on the International Day of Novruz

“One of the oldest holidays in the world - Novruz Bayram - occupies a special place in the cultural development of mankind. Over many centuries, uniting original traditions and customs, the celebration of Novruz in our time has been enriched with new content, and the holiday itself has become an integral part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of mankind.

“Therefore, UNESCO included Novruz into the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the UN General Assembly recognized that the holiday strengthens the ties among peoples based on mutual respect and the ideals of peace and good neighbourliness, reflects the cultural and ancient customs of the peoples. The International Day of Nowruz is widely celebrated in dozens states”, emphasized President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his congratulatory Address on the occasion of the National Holiday of Spring, International Day of Novruz, celebrated in Turkmenistan on March 21-22.

““Together with other peoples of the world, the Turkmen people brought their life experience, moral and spiritual values, their humane principles, such as peacefulness, friendship, good neighborliness, nobility, mutual respect - all high spiritual values of humanity to the traditions of Novruz.

“Celebrating Novruz Bayram that symbolizes the beginning of a new life, our people lay the foundation for new crops. Delicious treats testify to the fertility, wealth and hospitality of our land”.

According to the President of Turkmenistan, there is a strong sense in the fact that the National Holiday of Spring – the International Day of Novruz - is widely celebrated in the year under the motto "Turkmenistan - the homeland of neutrality."

“The unifying force of the National Holiday of Spring – the International Day of Novruz is its wonderful ideals, and the events dedicated to it will inspire the native people to achieve remarkable successes, strengthen the unity of the nation”, emphasized the Turkmen leader.

In conclusion, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished his compatriots good health, family well-being, a peaceful and happy life, and great success in their work.