Tendency of development of oil and gas sphere in articles of specialized magazine

Collection of articles “Scientific foundations of development of oil and gas industry” has been prepared for publishing by personnel of Scientific and Research Institute of Natural Gas of the State Concern Türkmengaz. New issue of annual publication has combined works of personnel of profile Institute, professors and lecturers of International Oil and Gas University as well as specialists of the Concern.

The materials are grouped in six sections and introduce the achievements and current studies in geology, geophysics and hydrogeology, drilling of oil and gas wells, development of production of gas and gas condensate deposits, processing of raw materials as well as operation of production equipment.

Special interest is represented by works of scientists related to introduction of energy saving technologies and support of ecological balance. Final collection of articles is dedicated to analysis of trends of development of the industry. The collection is designated for wide range of specialists of fuel and energy sphere, teachers and students of profile university.